Some Must-have Items In A Modern Bedroom By Consumer Reports

In the modern bedroom, using and arranging furniture is actually an amazing task that a lot of people are interested in. Unlike other design styles, the modern style prioritizes minimalism, so a bedroom designed toward modern style usually  has very little furniture. Besides the bed, you should also put some must-have items below to make your bedroom more modern.

A Modern Bedroom Can Not Be Beautiful Without A  Bed

Definitely, the bed is the soul of a bedroom. Choosing a nice, steady and comfortable bed is the first and most important thing you need to do when arranging your bedroom. You should opt for a soft and suitable bed for you.Moreover, put your bedroom according to feng shui to ensure that you can achieve the best sleep quality and relaxation after a hard working day.. 

A High-Quality Mattress

Coming with the bed is a good mattress. As you know, mattresses have a direct impact on the quality of your sleep, they can help improve your health condition or make your osteoarthritis more serious. A good, high quality and suitable mattress for each person is the foremost factor you should consider when it comes to choosing mattresses. 

A Gorgeous Set Of Blanket And Pillow

A beautiful set of blanket and pillow can act as a make-up item to make your bedroom more attractive and stunning.  There are many ways you can refresh your bedroom, using a set of blanket and pillow with a variety of different colors and styles is also a good choice. 

Bear in mind that a beautiful set of blanket and pillow can change the look of the modern bedroom and make it more impressive. 

In addition to aesthetic problems, you should also consider their quality. Choose natural, breathable, well-absorbent, soft, and especially allergen-free materials. In winter, prioritize materials that are capable of keeping heat well. Remember that the quality of sleep directly affects your life sodo not regret the money. ake your sleep more comfortable with high-quality supporting items or you may end up wasting money on poor quality items.

Some Soft Pillows 

Together with blankets, pillows are items that needs to be mentioned. The pillows help you get a more comfortable sleep and lift your head. When choosing to buy a pillow, you can choose according to the material, the hardness and shape, etc. 

Nowadays, most people use pillows made from soft cotton, non-premium rubber,or even feathers. There are also a large number of people who choose the hard pillows made from bamboo that are environmentally friendly and hypoallergenic. 

You should put more than two pillows on your bed. A main pillow when sleeping and another pillow staying under the feet that can help to adjust the posture, bring good and deep sleep. 

A Desk Next To The Bed

You think that a table isn’t really necessary, but in fact, they have more benefits than you think. A small table will help you to get extra space to store the items you frequently use, arrange them neatly and orderly. It will be much more convenient if there is a small lamp for reading books every night, a glass of warm water near you, or the alarm clock, phone, some books available when you need.

A Small Sofa

The bedroom is not just for sleeping, it is a private living space where you are free to do what you like. What if there is a sofa in your bedroom? Wonderful, right? You can do everything on it, sunbathing on beautiful Sunday mornings, sitting there to reading books or doing whatever you like.

Some Bedroom Decorations On The Wall

Adding a little highlights on the wall with a few small paintings, a work of art, family photos or decorations will make your bedroom less tedious. You can also use the bedroom wallpaper, wallpaper is the simplest way to change the bedroom look and it helps to highlight the small room.

Do not put too many things in your bedroom because they will make your room a mess and old-fashioned. Select thoroughly and just put must-have items that we have recommended above to make your bedroom modern and gorgeous. 


Best Wall Hung Toilet – Reviews & Buying Guide 2020 By Consumer Reports

When you are in search of a toilet that has been in existence for years, but still offering modern day toilet values, then you are talking about wall hung toilet. Wall hung toilets have been around for a long time now. People are still finding these kinds of toilets excellent and perfect since their inception.

This type of toilets is stylish and elegant to have in your home or public space. The wall mounted hung models most of the time comes with some unique features that make them perfect for modern house installation. This article is written to give you the knowledge of the best wall hung toilet.

Top 7 Wall Hung Toilet

TOTO CT418FG NO-01 Aquia Wall Hung Dual Flush Toilet

This model is an elongated and compact size toilet. It comes with a dual flush system that gives you the freedom to choose between a 0.9 gallon per flush and 1.6 gallons per flush of water. Meanwhile, the availability of its dual max flushing system helps to flush smoothly and fast and at the same time bring down water bills. Furthermore, the bowl is made by vitreous china material which makes cleaning super easy and clean. This model is designed for the comfort of all ages including the disabled.

Additionally, it is also made of SanaGloss ceramic glaze that serves as anti-bacterial and prevents mold and debris from sticking on the surface. Maybe you are worried about the installation if bought. You need not. This toilet has one of the easiest means of installation without you ordering for a plumber. Also, one of its most prominent and defining features is that it is CalGreen compliant, which allows the waste to be used in green manure product. Similarly, it is a user-friendly and uses innovative technology to maintain hygiene around it.


  • Dual flush system
  • Made by vitreous china
  • Easy installation
  • Comes with SanaGloss
  • CalGreen compliant


  • Toilet seat not included
  • Costly

EAGO WD33- Square Modern White Ceramic Wall-Mounted Toilet

This model of toilet comes with a square shape and has a bold white finish color. It has a dual flush technology which makes flushing fast and smooth without leaving any waste behind. This dual flush is operated by pressing two buttons located on the side of the toilet. While the first button has an ultra-low-flush design that uses only 1.6 gallons to flush the most solid of waste, the second button uses just 0.8 gallons for flushing down the liquid waste. Most users consider this model as a modern or contemporary type of toilet design due to the great features it has. It has a seat height of 17 inches above the floor that make it comfortable for users of all ages. Also, you do not need any hand or call a plumber for installation because it is easy to install.

This model also has a soft closing toilet lid that prevents the toilet slamming of the seat which enhances the durability of the toilet seat. Furthermore, it is a one-piece toilet that has an ultra-low and eco-friendly flushing system. In particular, this model comes in a compact size with an elongated bowl. It is ADA-compliant.


  • Soft closing toilet seat and lid included
  • Dual flush with two buttons for a separate purpose
  • ADA compliant
  • Eco-friendly and ultra-low design
  • Made with porcelain material


  • Does not come with a tank
  • Smaller size

Kohler K-4325-L-O Kingston

Of all wall hung toilet, Kohler K-4325-L-0 Kingston is the most compact. It has extra space below the bowl that makes it fit in small bathrooms. Although it does not come with a toilet seat, it is advisable for you to pair with the killer bidet seat. The bidet seat available in this toilet gives room for smooth and total cleaning of the toilet. This model comes with a flushometer that operates at both 1.28 gallons per flush and 1.6 gallons per flush. The flushometer gives room for preventing the wastage of water as it comes only a low rate of water.

Additionally, it has a flushing power action that flushes at once without leaving any waste behind either liquid or solid. The toilet has a trapway size of 2-1/8 inches that prevents the toilet from getting clogged. Also, it requires little maintenance for it to have long-term durability. For example, a weekly wipe and an inner toilet brush cleaning can just do this toilet a great deal. Based on its shape, it has a round shape and white cotton color.


  • Compact size
  • Lower water consumption rate
  • High flushing power action
  • Availability of bidet seat
  • No clogging


  • Does not come with a seat

Duravit 226090092 Starck 3

Unlike most wall hung toilets, Duravit Starck 3 comes with both the bowl and seat that is attached to the top. This model features a downward washing system that removes any waste that might have been left behind. During flushing, it makes little or no noise thereby providing you a peaceful and smooth experience. Also, it is also a flush wall hung toilet which either flushes at 1.6 gallons per flush or 0.8 gallons per flush. Both flushes have low water consumption rate. Another fantastic feature about this toilet is that it comes with a WonderGliss coating helps to prevent any dirt or limescale from sticking to the surface of the toilet. Never be worried about the cleaning of the toilet because it is easy to clean and maintain.

Furthermore, it is WaterSense certified and is backed by a generous warranty policy that has you covered for up to five years. This toilet is made from vitreous china, and it has an elongated shape. It has an antibacterial ceramic glaze that the manufacturer claims helps the bowl retain its unsoiled surface.


  • 5-year warranty
  • WaterSense certified
  • WonderGliss coating
  • Comes with a seat
  • Comes with anti-bacterial ceramic glaze


  • Does not come with a seat

Swiss Madison Sublime Dual Flush

This model is a sublime wall hung toilet that helps to prevent water from wasting. It has a dual flush technology that uses less water when flushing both liquid and solid waste. It also comes with a button which is used to tune the dual flush system to any comfortable GPF. It is a toilet that is comfortable for all height, and there is an ADA-compliant.

Furthermore, it comes with a soft closing seat and lid that prevents the seat from being banged or slammed and thereby enhancing its durability. In another sense, it saves space because of its compact design. It tends to fit into any bathroom without taking up too much space.

Additionally, it includes an actuator plate for easy access to the plumbing system. Also, you will love that the flush is located at the top of the toilet with this, you don’t need to bend over when you flush. Lastly, it has seen k and gorgeous design that makes it attractive to users. This toilet can be installed in a handicap bathroom and adjust the height to the exact height needs for that user.


  • ADA compliant
  • Sleek design
  • Soft closing lid
  • Actuator plate
  • Compact size


  • It is too cheap

Kohler K-6299-0 Veil

This model is a one-piece toilet, and it comes with a solid elongated bowl that provides the much-needed comfort. It is one of the most hygienic and sanitary wall hung toilet in the market. Kohler products are known for their designs; this model is also evidence of it. It is a gorgeously designed toilet. It comes in 5 different colors which are white, black, biscuit, dune, and almond which gives you the ability to match it to your bathroom style. It is a dual flush toilet which either flushes at 1.6gallon per flush or 0.8-gallon per flush making this a low consumption toilet.

Furthermore, it comes with a soft closing seat and lid which prevent the banging of the toilet seat. It has a hardware system that is tucked inside the wall, making it relatively easy to clean. Due to company compact design, it is easy to clean and maintain. This product company gives a one-year limited warranty.


  • Multiplicity of colors
  • More hygienic and sanitary
  • Compact size
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance
  • Comes with hardware system


  • Complicated installation procedure
  • 12 months warranty

American Standard 2093.100.20. Glenwall

This model has an elongated shape with a white color that beautifies your bathroom since most bathrooms are painted white. It combines both bowl and tank to ensure that it becomes effective and efficient. The EverClean technology developed by the American Standard helps this model to get rid of bacteria and any other microbe growth around the toilet. Furthermore, it has a robust water-siphoned jet which flushes very efficiently and effectively by using around 1.6 gallons of water to clean the area covered by waste.

Additionally, it has a comfortable height for all ages and sizes; it is an ADD-compliant. Moreover, it comes with a trapway that prevents the toilet from clogging and keeps the bowl clean after every flush. Unlike most toilets of this type, the tank does not go inside the wall thereby making this model an excellent choice for users who do not like taking down walls. It is a multi-colored toilet which comes in white, linen and bone color. More importantly, this model has an ultra-low-flush unit which saves water usage and at the same time meets the federal water associated service. Based on its durability, it has a one-year warranty.


  • Comes with EverClean technology
  • ADA-compliant
  • Presence of trapway
  • Lower water consumption rate
  • Multiplicity of colors


  • It looks more traditional
  • Not with a toilet seat
  • Warranty of 12 months

Buying Guide

This toilet is one of the best in the market. It has great feature and it very attractive. There are several reasons why people prefer to go for a wall hung toilet. One of these is;

Compact design which can not an any let even if it has a small bathroom. Also, it helps to save space. Also, it is easy to clean and maintain since it is a walk hung toilet which allows the surface to be mopped without any hassle.

But before buying a wall hung toilet, there are some things you need to consider.


Before going for a wall hung toilet, it is safer for you to check the installation process or details. There are some toilets you would be able to install yourself without getting any assistance while there are others that would need the assistance of a plumber to fix. Also, some come with all the required instrument for installation while in others you will need to purchase those things separately.

Style and Design

Another crucial thing you must put into consideration is style and design. Some wall hung toilets are produced without a seat while others are produced with one which may sometimes look classical to you.


A good cleaning and maintenance of a wall hung toilet most times enhance its durability. It is important for you to shop for a toilet that won’t require a lot of stress to clean. Also, toilets maintenance require a lot of stress which most time might be daily.


How to Choose a Good Mattress for a Good Night’s Sleep By Consumer Reports

We spend up to one-third of our lives sleeping. Therefore, the mattress is an indispensable buddy for our good sleep. It not only brings us the softness but also gives us wonderful experiences.

Are you satisfied with your present mattress? Are you struggling to find the best mattress for yourself? If the answer is yes, this article is for you!

We will provide you the best way to bring home the most appropriate mattress.

How to choose a perfect mattress

Things To Consider When Deciding To Buy A Mattress

There is no best mattress in the world, just the mattress that best suits you. Thus when you have an idea to buy a mattress on your mind, just take these factors into consideration:

  • Health condition: Are you suffering from any kind of illness?
  • Family: Are you single or married? Do you have kids or are you pregnant?
  • Financial budget: Each type of mattress has its own price depending on specific features and brands, so money is also an important thing to consider.
  • Size: Big or small? Whether it fits your bed or not?

Tips To Choose The Most Suitable Mattress For You

A suitable mattress for your good sleep

Research Before Making A Purchase

There is a myriad of stores and brands selling mattresses on the market. Careful research will save you time and avoid jumping to a wrong decision. Here are some prestigious mattress brands:

1. Kymdan Mattress

Kymdan is a Vietnamese brand which has gained the credit of Vietnamese citizens for more than 60 years. Their products are mainly made from high-quality latex mattresses with the soft and durable features. Still, the price may be higher than the average price on the market.

2. Everon Mattress

Everon is a brand originated in Korea. Their products vary in a diversified way with different kinds of a mattress such as latex mattress, gel mattress or pressed cotton mattress.

3. Leesa

Leesa is a mattress brand with the mission to give you a good night’s sleep for all body shape. The outstanding products of Leesa include Leesa original mattress, Leesa legend mattress or Leesa hybrid mattress…. which all gain the credit of customers.

Pay Attention To Your Health Condition

Many people are currently living with different kinds of health issues, which may lead to an uncomfortable feeling when using a mattress. Pay attention if you have some ailment below:

  • Backache: If you are dealing with backache related to disorders of the immune system, you had better choose a mattress made from natural latex or organic cotton. Beware of synthetic cotton as it may make your illness worse.
  • Stress and tension: Soft mattress will be the best choice for you, in this case, the feeling of being cherished will ease your pressure.

Consider Your Favorite Sleeping Posture

Many people suffer from sleeplessness due to wrong sleeping postures and uncorrelated mattress, so bear in mind these suitable sleeping postures:

  • Side sleeper: You should choose the soft mattress with the topper mattress on it. This may help you relieve the pressure on your shoulders, arms and hips, thus leading to a night of better sleep.
  • On-the-front sleepers: A firm mattress will be ideal if you have this sleeping posture as it helps you to prevent lower back pain
  • On-the-back sleepers: Almost any kinds of mattress suit this posture but a medium-firm mattress is a noteworthy choice for you.

Aesthetics Aspect

Aesthetics is also of great importance when it comes to buying a mattress. Besides comfortability, people also take the aesthetic aspect of a mattress into account when experiencing on their own bed. Aesthetics is up to individual hobby. However, there are some tips you can note down for a perfect sleeping space.

  • For modern bedroom of a couple: Plain and elegant colors like white, blue or green will make your bedroom cozier and prettier, which can give you a feeling of being in harmony with the warmth of your family.
  • For bedrooms of kids: Happy and bright colors such as red, yellow or orange will be the best choice as they arise the creativity of your children. You should also choose various patterns like cartoon pattern with cute images for your kids.

Cute patterns on a mattress

Decide On The Size

Choosing the right side for a mattress is a great concern for many families. There are two main popular sizes of a mattress:

  • Mattress for single bed: Suitable for a bed of 1 person. The average size is 00x200cm or 120x200cm.
  • Mattress for double bed: For 2 or 3 people with average size around 160x200cm, 180x200cm or 200x200cm, 200x220cm

In conclusion

Above are some tips for you to take into account when making a purchase on the mattress. A good mattress is waiting for you to bring home if you apply these tips mentioned.

Thank you for reading!