How to Choose a Good Mattress for a Good Night’s Sleep

We spend up to one-third of our lives sleeping. Therefore, the mattress is an indispensable buddy for our good sleep. It not only brings us the softness but also gives us wonderful experiences.

Are you satisfied with your present mattress? Are you struggling to find the best mattress for yourself? If the answer is yes, this article is for you!

We will provide you the best way to bring home the most appropriate mattress.

How to choose a perfect mattress

Things To Consider When Deciding To Buy A Mattress

There is no best mattress in the world, just the mattress that best suits you. Thus when you have an idea to buy a mattress on your mind, just take these factors into consideration:

  • Health condition: Are you suffering from any kind of illness?
  • Family: Are you single or married? Do you have kids or are you pregnant?
  • Financial budget: Each type of mattress has its own price depending on specific features and brands, so money is also an important thing to consider.
  • Size: Big or small? Whether it fits your bed or not?

Tips To Choose The Most Suitable Mattress For You

A suitable mattress for your good sleep

Research Before Making A Purchase

There is a myriad of stores and brands selling mattresses on the market. Careful research will save you time and avoid jumping to a wrong decision. Here are some prestigious mattress brands:

1. Kymdan Mattress

Kymdan is a Vietnamese brand which has gained the credit of Vietnamese citizens for more than 60 years. Their products are mainly made from high-quality latex mattresses with the soft and durable features. Still, the price may be higher than the average price on the market.

2. Everon Mattress

Everon is a brand originated in Korea. Their products vary in a diversified way with different kinds of a mattress such as latex mattress, gel mattress or pressed cotton mattress.

3. Leesa

Leesa is a mattress brand with the mission to give you a good night’s sleep for all body shape. The outstanding products of Leesa include Leesa original mattress, Leesa legend mattress or Leesa hybrid mattress…. which all gain the credit of customers.

Pay Attention To Your Health Condition

Many people are currently living with different kinds of health issues, which may lead to an uncomfortable feeling when using a mattress. Pay attention if you have some ailment below:

  • Backache: If you are dealing with backache related to disorders of the immune system, you had better choose a mattress made from natural latex or organic cotton. Beware of synthetic cotton as it may make your illness worse.
  • Stress and tension: Soft mattress will be the best choice for you, in this case, the feeling of being cherished will ease your pressure.

Consider Your Favorite Sleeping Posture

Many people suffer from sleeplessness due to wrong sleeping postures and uncorrelated mattress, so bear in mind these suitable sleeping postures:

  • Side sleeper: You should choose the soft mattress with the topper mattress on it. This may help you relieve the pressure on your shoulders, arms and hips, thus leading to a night of better sleep.
  • On-the-front sleepers: A firm mattress will be ideal if you have this sleeping posture as it helps you to prevent lower back pain
  • On-the-back sleepers: Almost any kinds of mattress suit this posture but a medium-firm mattress is a noteworthy choice for you.

Aesthetics Aspect

Aesthetics is also of great importance when it comes to buying a mattress. Besides comfortability, people also take the aesthetic aspect of a mattress into account when experiencing on their own bed. Aesthetics is up to individual hobby. However, there are some tips you can note down for a perfect sleeping space.

  • For modern bedroom of a couple: Plain and elegant colors like white, blue or green will make your bedroom cozier and prettier, which can give you a feeling of being in harmony with the warmth of your family.
  • For bedrooms of kids: Happy and bright colors such as red, yellow or orange will be the best choice as they arise the creativity of your children. You should also choose various patterns like cartoon pattern with cute images for your kids.

Cute patterns on a mattress

Decide On The Size

Choosing the right side for a mattress is a great concern for many families. There are two main popular sizes of a mattress:

  • Mattress for single bed: Suitable for a bed of 1 person. The average size is 00x200cm or 120x200cm.
  • Mattress for double bed: For 2 or 3 people with average size around 160x200cm, 180x200cm or 200x200cm, 200x220cm

In conclusion

Above are some tips for you to take into account when making a purchase on the mattress. A good mattress is waiting for you to bring home if you apply these tips mentioned.

Thank you for reading!